In honour of our 2023 courses, we have been highlighting the incredible local talent who also happen to be alumni of our VET and short courses! This month, we chatted with Rascalbeats

“It was an amazing experience spending time with like-minded creators, making music, and performing together. I built meaningful relationships that are still relevant today.”

Rascalbeats studied the Certificate lll in Music (Performance) in 2015, launching his career as a multi-talented musician, music producer, band director, teacher, and industry professional.

As a touring musician, Rascalbeats has performed in countless venues and festivals around Australia. With artists such as Elsy Wameyo and the Hilltop Hoods. In addition to his work as a performer, Rascalbeats is also an accomplished music producer, having worked with a wide range of artists across many different genres, helping them to hone their sound and bring their musical visions to life. He built a functioning music studio in 2017 where he spends most of his time. As a band director and teacher, Rascalbeats is passionate about sharing his love of music with the next generation. He has worked with young musicians in schools and music programs around Australia, helping them develop their skills and discover their own creative voices.

What course did you study with MusicSA and what was the highlight of this experience?
Cert 3 Music Industry (Performance), and my highlight must be the song writing sessions which then led to a performance towards the end of the course. It was an amazing experience spending time with like-minded creators, making music, and performing together. I built meaningful relationships that are still relevant today.

Since starting your career in the music industry, what has been your most proud achievement?
Oh goodness, I have so many proud moments, I had the privilege to work with amazing artists, musicians and educators who are well renowned in the industry. One notable highlight must be touring with the Hilltop Hoods. This was a huge step for me and a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals. I went on to complete my bachelor’s degree in Music, which led me to teaching at several schools, directing bands, and taking on several leadership roles.

What advice would you give to someone starting their journey in the music industry?
“Talent will get you through the door, but character will keep you there.” As a musician, it’s very easy to fall into the pool of pride when you are always the centre of attention. Remembering to stay humble, kind, open and a good human being will secure meaningful relationships.

What do you love most about the Adelaide/South Australian music scene?
I love that it feels like family and very community focused. I basically know everyone, I know where to get help, I know where everything is. The number of times the Adelaide community has saved me is incredible. I truly wish we can keep the togetherness and stay connected.

Tell us about your latest project.
I would love to! On 13th of October 2023, I am helping organise a conference at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre by Ngoma Music Australia. I am the Music Director at Ngoma Music; we are excited to announce this to the public as we believe it will see almost 8 thousand people gathered for one purpose. Ngoma Music is a Gospel band established in 2015, we created a platform for passionate musicians to thrive. I am also constantly producing music for artists and bands.


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