The Music Matters collective is not only a clever bunch, but generous as well.

They’ve created a series of animations to try to demonstrate to creatives that copyright law provides an incentive for them do keep doing what they do best. It’s a fun way to highlight important questions about copyright law, something every artist should be aware of in their work.

The Music Matters campaign itself includes people across the music community, such as artists, songwriters, labels, managers, publishers and music stores, who have come together to spread the message the music has value and significance. It started in the UK in 2010, and is supported widely in Australia and New Zealand. You’ll find a list of those on board via the official website.

Now, as well as their amazing animations, they have created fact sheets to guide artists in asking the right questions. Thanks to Music Matters, these are now available on our Music SA Resource page.

Here you’ll find:

Guide for Filmmakers – directed toward filmmakers looking to include music in their film

Guide for Sampling – helpful if you are a musician or DJ looking to sample music.

Guide for Musicians – an essential start for musicians looking to protect their music

Learn more about these topics here, and download the fact sheets from this page.