The South Australian music industry plays a very important role in our state’s economy and vibrancy, but is often not as visible as other industries. As a designated UNESCO City of Music, music is an integral part of our state’s identity. We need an updated economic impact analysis undertaken on the sector. We know the economic benefit of our industry is different now than what it has been in the past.

Knowing more about our industry in a post-pandemic world helps us all to make better decisions and leverage opportunities. Music sits in the Creative Industries and is a powerful driver of live entertainment, employment, jobs, tourism, education and it supports many allied industries.  It is so important for us to understand our worth and the economic impact of this sector to the state’s overall economy.

MusicSA, in partnership with the Music Development Office, the City of Adelaide and Festival City ADL, is commissioning BDO EconSearch to research and report on the economic contribution of the music industry in South Australia.

This study will quantify the economic contribution of the music industry in terms of employment, household income and gross value-added. These economic measures will be compared to estimates from a study completed in 2017 to highlight the challenges the music industry is facing in South Australia.

To get the full picture, we need data from all live music audiences and consumers of music. This includes people who:

  • Attend live music
  • Consume music digitally
  • Purchase music in the form of records, CDs or otherwise

If this is you, please be a part of BDO’s research! The more meaningful data we have, the more accurate our understanding of how music contributes financially to the prosperity of South Australia. The results of this report will be used to advocate and provide resources for the music industry with qualitative and quantitative evidence!

To participate in this research please complete the survey below. More information directly from BDO EconSearch about participating in this survey can be found via the following SA Music Industry Survey Information Sheet.


Survey closes 8th May 2024.