shot me with your eyes


One of the pleasures of being a reviewer is discovering bands within Adelaide I haven’t heard of before, with this week’s act being 5 piece rockers Skythief, consisting of Adam Barnett-Pierce (Vocals), Brett Benham (Bass), Jamie Korte (Drums), Simon Andrew Aberlé & Wolfgang Haak (Guitars).The band’s new single “Shot Me With Your Eyes” was recorded at Sodypop Studio in Adelaide, produced/engineered/mixed by Ben Ehrenberg, and mastered by Jack the Bear’s Deluxe Mastering. As a result, the production of this track is tight, solid and extremely well crafted.

There is definitely a big stadium rock quality to this single as evidenced by the musicianship of this band. In fact, the first 20 seconds initially gave me a kind of ‘Franz Ferdinand’ vibe in terms of the arrangement of the track, which has definite commercial appeal. Fans of the arena rock sound will find something in this track.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 2 April 2015