goddamn anything



Most followers of the Adelaide music scene would have encountered Dusty Lee at some point in their travels. For a man who is still quite young he has fronted or played in a good number of bands, but his latest line up “Wasted Wanderers” is the coalescent pinnacle of them all.

Wasted Wanderers is a 3 piece band, with Benny Morris and Matt Birkin rounding out the trio. On this EP they have employed keyboards and dual female backing vocals to broaden the palate, and it works. The EP is brilliant, captivating and deserving of wide recognition and praise. The songs eschew the repetitive hooks and pop chorus lines that resonate with adolescent listeners, but they are still infectious with a perfect line of beauty.

Across the 6 songs we encounter a maturity of lyric and musical composition that is reminiscent of the great bands of the 70s such as the Allman Brothers or The James Gang (as an aside, the cover art work echoes “All Things Must Pass”, and Dusty resembles George Harrison on the inside sleeve). However, the music is fresh with a contemporary outlook that has simply built on a great foundation.

Easing into a rolling acoustic riff, the title track “Goddamn Anything” is the most commercial song, and is the perfect introduction to the masterful works of Wasted Wanderers.

“Goddamn Anything” has mature songs, smooth vocals, hot guitar licks, and catchy tunes delivered by a tight band; do not miss this EP!

Also printed in Bside Magazine 25 June 2015