MUSIC SA and Adelaide Airport are pleased to announce that their successful partnership program “This Is SA Music” continues throughout 2015.

A curated original SA music series, “This Is SA Music” is performed live at Adelaide Airport every Friday afternoon, plus alternate Saturdays and Sundays. Over 100 shows will be performed throughout the year, with each three-hour session presenting the sounds of our best homegrown talent to over 5000 travellers, friends and fans.


2015 Adelaide Airport Performances :

03-Jul-15     Aaron Thomas     solo
04-Jul-15     Kelly Menhennett     3-piece
10-Jul-15     Banjo Jackson     duo
12-Jul-15     The Yearlings     duo
17-Jul-15     Georgia Germein     solo
18-Jul-15     Koral     duo
24-Jul-15    Georgia Germein     solo
26-Jul-15     Brillig     duo
31-Jul-15    Aaron Thomas    solo
1-Aug-15    The Baker Suite    duo
7-Aug-15    Koral    solo
9-Aug-15    Louis Donnarumma    solo
14-Aug-15    Ben Ford-Davies    solo
15-Aug-15   Tim Moore    solo
21-Aug-15    Banjo Jackson      duo
23-Aug-15    Brillig    duo
28-Aug-15    Aaron Thomas    solo
29-Aug-15    Kelly Menhennett    3-piece
4-Sep-15    Koral    duo
6-Sep-15    Aaron Thomas    solo
11-Sep-15    The Baker Suite    duo
12-Sep-15    Tom West    solo
18-Sep-15    Banjo Jackson      duo
20-Sep-15  Aaron Thomas    solo
25-Sep-15    Kelly Menhennett    solo
26-Sep-15    Tim Moore    solo
2-Oct-15    Louis Donnarumma    duo
4-Oct-15    Brillig     duo
9-Oct-15    Ben Ford-Davies    solo
10-Oct-15    Paige Renee Court solo
16-Oct-15    Kelly Menhennett    solo
18-Oct-15     Brillig     duo
23-Oct-15    Abbey Howlett  solo
24-Oct-15    The Yearlings    duo
30-Oct-15    Banjo Jackson      duo
1-Nov-15    Louis Donnarumma    3-piece
6-Nov-15    Kelly Menhennett    solo
7-Nov-15    Sam Brittain    solo
13-Nov-15    Banjo Jackson      duo
15-Nov-15    Tim Moore    solo
20-Nov-15    The Baker Suite    duo
21-Nov-15    Jimmy Meegan    duo
27-Nov-15    Aaron Thomas   solo
29-Nov-15   Kaurna Cronin  solo
4-Dec-15    Ben Ford-Davies    solo
5-Dec-15    Sam Brittain    solo
11-Dec-15    Banjo Jackson      duo
13-Dec-15   The Baker Suite    3-piece
18-Dec-15   Jimmy Meegan    duo
19-Dec-15    Kelly Menhennett    3-piece
27-Dec-15    Louis Donnarumma    solo