About Kyle Opie

Kyle Opie is a local musician and a student of musicology at the University of Adelaide. Find out more at: http://adelaidemusic.wikia.com/wiki/Kyle_Opie

local revolution lp

gentle warrior
Eight piece band, Local Revolution, perform a style of music that boasts an impressive mix of Afro-Latin and Indian styles which are merged together over a jazz foundation. After two EP’s and four successful national tours, 2015 brings their first LP album, Gentle Warrior.  Bursting through in a rhythmic frenzy that inspires a level […]

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christian andrew ep

now & then


Five track EP, Now & Then is the follow up to Christian Andrew’s debut release in 2013. It showcases Andrew’s abilities as an acoustic folk artist to capitalise on the timbrel power of a small backing band without sacrificing the intimacy of the acoustic idiom.

Instrumentally everything is on point, Andrew’s intricate 12-twelve string […]

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jac dalton lp




American born singer Jac Dalton and his band have made their mark on the city of churches this year, scoring a spot at the Clipsal 500 concert series was no mean feat. On the back of this performance was the release of PowderKeg, Dalton’s third record under his own name. Here he presents a powerful […]

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it’s a hoax ep

only when
Five piece indie rock outfit It’s a Hoax, released their EP, Only When, in September last year. They have supported Adelaide musical royalty of the likes of Julia Henning with this material and for a good reason. The five guitar lead tracks are thoroughly engaging. Without hesitation you will find yourself immersed in a […]

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chasing claire single



Chasing Claire is a three piece punk outfit and “Deadbeat” is the latest single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Options’. Deadbeat encapsulates a raw garage punk crunch with coarse, emotively charged vocals. Encroaching on five minutes in length, it’s long for a punk tune, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way. It’s form and dynamic […]

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sasha march single

calling his name

Local songstress Sasha March has just released the first single from her up-coming debut album “Don’t Go Falling”. Sasha is about to head off on a 4 month long tour of Europe before touring Australia late November in conjunction with the album release.

‘Calling His Name’ has a strong folk-pop feel with a driving […]

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grenadiers lp

A little over 4 years ago three piece rockers Grenadiers released their debut album ‘Songs The Devil Taught Us’. Since then they have rocked stages at Big Day Out, won Triple J Unearthed, and supported the likes of Everytime I Die, Kingswood, and The Smith Street Band.January saw the release of ‘Summer’, getting their heavy […]

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relying on luck single

Relying On Luck are a young Punk Rock trio who have have supported the likes of British India and Bad//Dreems in their recent history around the traps. The two and a half minutes of madness known as ‘Jawbreaker’ bursts through as the second single from their upcoming EP.

Building up to what is (by punk standards) […]

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thomas capogreco ep

There is no doubt that Thomas Capogreco’s Dreamers EP stretches the boundaries of what some would consider to be music. Whether or not you can find any aesthetic pleasure or purpose in the 5 tracks, each coming in at exactly 6 minutes and 33 seconds, the way in which they are created is an interesting […]

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the lizards lp

future life
Hard hitting 3 piece punk rockers The Lizards push forward with their third release, Future Life. Here the band fleshes out their self-described ‘thrashed out surf-punk’ with a very well produced sound. This is a form of music with much greater musicality and musicianship than the politically fuelled beginnings of punk, but with the […]

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lost woods single

ancient psychic tandem war elephant


Five piece indie rock outfit, Lost Woods, burst onto the scene last year and have just produced their first release, the single, “Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant”. Amongst the group are some well trained musicians with backgrounds in other genres, and their experience shows, as they have already signed with a […]

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